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J.Y. Bouet

Active genome segregation: mechanism and diversity


A.J. Carpousis : Ribonucleases and RNA


F. Cornet

Genetic Recombination and the cell cycle


G. Fichant

Genomic of integrated systems


P. Genevaux

Structure and function of molecular chaperons


R. Ieva

Regulation and transport of proteins across cell membranes


P. Polard

Pneumococcal transformation


P. Redder

RNA decay and gene regulation in Staphylococcus aureus



Former group :


B. Ton-Hoang

Mobile Genetic Elements and Genome Dynamics


P. Ritzenthaler

Evolution of Bacterial Genomes



H. Krisch

Diversity, evolution, ecology and genome structure
of the T4 Superfamily of bacteriophages


C. Gutierrez

Global regulations and stress response in bacteria




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