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Mobile genetic elements







We have projects for undergraduates, masters students, PhD students and post doctoral fellows in the following areas :


IS911 : transposition dynamics ; role of regulatory proteins ; interaction of the transposase and regulatory proteins with DNA; , functional transposase domains implicated in the different steps of IS911 transposition; interface of IS911 transposition with its host.


IS608 : regulation of transposition ; detailed analysis of the transposition mechanism; interface with the cell  cycle; identification of host factors affecting transposition; transposase expression and its regulation.


These projects use genetic, biochemistry and molecular biology approaches. We also collaborate with two groups of biophysicists on single molecule and fluorescence approaches to the study of transposition and with a structural biology group to determine the molecular structure of transposase-substrate complexes in transposition intermediates.


ISfinder : analysis and annotation of mobile genetic elements in prokaryotic genomes (bacteria and archaea) ; genome evolution and plasticity; identification of new elements; definition of new families; evolutionary and phylogenetic relationships between elements.







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