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Global regulations and stress response in bacteria



As unicellular organisms, bacteria must constantly adapt their physiology to the variations of their surrounding medium. Adaptive mechanisms involve the fine tuning of genes whose products counteract the deleterious effects of the stressful conditions.
Our laboratory investigates the molecular mechanisms underlying the transcriptional regulation of genes as a response to a variety of stresses in Enterobacteria. We identify the partners involved in such regulations: transcriptional regulators and their DNA targets, near the promoters. We also analyse the mechanisms involved in signal perception and transduction to the transcriptional machinery. In particular, we focus our efforts towards the understanding of the RcsCDB/AF His-Asp phosphorelay, and the general stress response sigma factor, σS.

Model Organisms :

Enterobacteria (including E. coli, X. campestris).

Keywords :

general stress response, stationary phase, signal transduction, transcription, His-Asp phosphorelay.




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