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Genetic Recombination and the cell cycle

Segregation of the ter region and resolution of chromosome dimers.

Localisation of an FtsK-YFP fusion protein in E. coli

We are investigating the functional organisation and the dynamics of bacterial chromosomes. To this end, we combine cell biology and molecular genetics approaches in the model bacteria Escherichia coli with in vitro analysis. In particular, we are studying the specific events occurring inside the ter region. This region and the different events it specifically hosts are of crucial importance for chromosome dynamics. It is the region of the last operations of sister chromosome separation: termination of replication, removal of the intercatenation links, and resolution of dimeric chromosomes. We are studying the molecular mechanisms of these activities together with their control and integration with other cell cycle events.

Organisms studied :

Escherichia coli;

Keywords :

Bacterial chromosomes; Genome dynamics; Chromosome segregation; Genetic recombination; XerCD; FtsK; TopoIV



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